5 Reasons Why People Avoid Asking Psychologists For Help

You should speak to a psychologist if you’re suffering from serious mental problems. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to save yourself. Even if you’re not feeling suicidal, you could lose your job or family.

People struggling with mental health problems often visit a professional, but a small percentage of society won’t go near one. Here are the biggest reasons why you (or a family member) might refuse to see someone who could help.

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1. It’s Scary To Face Your Feelings

If you’re dealing with issues for a long time, you’ll eventually begin to bury your feelings. Once buried deep enough, it’s hard to face them again. People will do anything to avoid bringing their pain to the surface.

Unfortunately, that isn’t going to help you deal with your problems. It will fester away at a subconscious level until something terrible happens. You need to face your problems head-on, no matter how scared you are.

2. Talking To Someone Is Shameful

If you talk to the best psychologists Calgary or New York has to offer, friends and family should be happy for you. Sadly, many people feel ashamed about going to therapy, even if nobody knows they’re seeing someone.

Almost half the population views it as a sign of weakness, which is completely untrue. It takes great strength to talk to a psychologist, so ignore what everyone else thinks because it will make you feel worse.

3. Therapy Doesn’t Work For Everyone

Therapy doesn’t work for everyone who attempts it. Even though it’s not guaranteed to work, it will help most people who give it their all. If anyone is still struggling after therapy, they might still be given medication.

I know it’s easy to assume the worst when struggling mentally, but it’s vital to stay optimistic while attending therapy. If you’ve read anything about the placebo effect, you know it can make a big difference.

4. Complete Failure To Accept Reality

It’s likely someone with mental health problems knows something is wrong. You must be very ill before losing touch with reality. If someone assures you they’re okay, is it possible they’re choosing to ignore reality?

You can’t just tell a loved one they need help once you realize something is wrong. Do everything you can to make sure they feel safe. If someone tells you to seek help, it’s worth listening before saying there is nothing wrong with you.

5. Nobody Will Get Better Overnight

It’s possible to see massive improvements within 6-12 months if you work hard every day. Sadly, you won’t be able to find any shortcuts that produce results overnight, which isn’t good enough for some mental health sufferers.

Many people think it’s pointless working with a psychologist because it takes too long to see results. It’s hard to spend money on something if you don’t see immediate returns, but it will be worth it one day.

You Must Say Something

If you think your loved one would benefit from therapy, you must say something before they get worse. You must be strong enough to accept you need help if you’re in trouble.