Online Casinos or Sports Betting?

The online casino and sports betting industry has massively soared in popularity over the last decade. While it has been around since the late 90s, many marketing campaigns and sport sponsorship deals are a reason as to why popularity has surged. For example, in the US alone, online gambling interest has grown in a short space of time, due to legislation changes that allow more freedom when it comes to gambling. If sports betting wasn’t illegal up until the past two years, the numbers would be even greater than they are now.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Globally there are over 1.6 billion people who partake in gambling activities. Forbes have projected that this value will only double by 2023, especially with the pandemic getting more people involved with online casino and sports betting. The question left to ask however, which one would reign over the other when it comes to the ultimate popular gambling niche? Well, if you are curious as to what the answer is, make sure to keep reading further on into the article.

Why is sports betting so popular?

Sports betting is hugely popular as it allows sports fans from all over the world to engage with the sports that they love. Loving the sport itself is one thing, another is being able to feel involved in the process. That is what makes sports betting so attractive, as it is more personal to the punter. With sports like NFL, and huge events like the SuperBowl, that has so many US citizens watching, many others all over the world watch it too. Therefore, you can understand why such sports such as American football or further afar like the English Premier League are on the market, there is no reason to question why sports betting is getting more popular. With further states opening up in the US, it is estimated that sports betting is only going to get even greater coverage. It is all just a matter of time basically.

There are not many things in life that you can combine, and hey if your passion is sports and a particular sports team at that, what greater way to get involved then placing a bet on them? That to some is a new-found level of devotion and loyalty.

Why is casino gambling so popular?

The casino industry is massively popular, due to the fact that it allows players to really explore so many genres in one niche. Take your favourite Marvel movie for example, there are multiple slot games that are based solely on your favourite character, this should surely motivate people to gamble on the casino niche, as again, just like sports betting, the entire process is more personal and there is incentive towards it. 

Casinos are so vast in terms of what you can spend your time on, you are not limited to just one type of wager, making it super attractive. This is of course without mentioning the possibilities of winning jackpots upon your efforts! Jackpots are usually casino focused, meaning they are more common in the iGaming industry than they are in sports betting. A simple minimum wager on a table game or a slot game that holds a progressive jackpot, and due to chance, you become an instant millionaire. While it is extremely rare, and the odds are often slimmer than the lottery, many players hope and dream that one day they get to win the Mega Moolah jackpot, or the Mega Fortune-two of the casino realms largest jackpot game prizes on record.

In addition to this, now that the casino industry is massively stepping up in its game, you will find that there are many gamification features that are integrated within a gambling experience. These features entail players’ ability to be able to battle it out with one another, and have tasks or missions to give player status. Such clever intricacies within a casino system, give players multiple ways to engage and have fun with their online gambling experience. Casino gambling creatively adds to the adrenaline that gambling often provides, and for that reason you could say it is more innovative than standard sports betting.

The main differences 

More strategy involved in sports betting 

With sports betting, you could say it is more factual and can be strategized better, especially when the punter has more experience and knowledge base related to the sport. You can always look up past reports and statistical specifics of previous game history, which can contribute to your future bets and decisions moving forward. Casino gambling has nothing of the sort, and it all comes down to pure luck and game time. You can pick games based on theoretical payout percentages, but that really is about it. Therefore, if a player is looking to win, it can be considered easier with sports betting, than it is with casino gambling, as the outcomes and predictions are more condensed in sports betting. 

Casino gambling has larger winnings  

While the outcomes in casino gambling are more varied to sports betting, if you win, you can win big. The fixed jackpots, alongside the progressive jackpots on casinos, can have large 5-7 figure sums that are up for grabs to gamblers. That just is hardly possible to sports betting hopefuls, without investing large amounts in as your stake. With casino gambling a small 0.5 wager could be all you need to change your life forever.