How Are Businesses Appealing to Canadian Customers?

Having conquered the United States of America, for many companies, the next part of the plan is to expand into the Great White North. With a population of just 36.29 million people (as of the 2016 census), Canada has fewer citizens than the American state of California (39.3 million people) but, with a gross domestic product (GDP) of $1.53 trillion, it offers a huge amount of business potential.

However, as many companies have learned the hard way, appealing to Canadian customers isn’t so simple. Setting up shop in the Southcentre Mall isn’t a surefire way of finding success and it will take a lot more than that to bring in those Canadian dollars.

Localization Means More Than Just Spellings

When entering a new market, localization (e.g how the locals differ from your home region) is always an important factor to consider. What idioms and phrases are common? And, if more than one language is commonly spoken, do you need to hire a translator instead of just putting things through Google Translate?

But localization, for a Canadian audience specifically, means more than that. It requires a deeper understanding of the Canadian market and its needs. A Buxton report noted that Canadians are value shoppers, seeking out bargains and deals as opposed to brand names, which is different to how Americans go shopping. This is due to having less disposable income so your “luxury” boasting campaign may fall flat. 

Offers Specific to Canadian Users

Considering Canada’s love of bargains, it also makes sense to create offers or promotions that are specific to Canadian users. According to the same Buxton survey, 87% of Canadians opt to stock up on their favourite goods when they’re on offer, while 57% will visit multiple stores just to get the best prices. Take advantage of that and you could just strike gold.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, you need only look at businesses that have found success in Canada using this same style of deals. Canada’s online casino industry, for instance, boasts bonuses that are perfect for you, including free spins for signing up and no deposit offers. Canada is reportedly known as one of the very best countries when it comes to casino bonuses as online casino providers look to appeal to bargain-loving Canadian gamers specifically.

Support Local Communities

If you’re offering decent discounts and offers specific to the Canadian market, then you’re already well on your way to making a positive name for yourself in the community. But you could always do more and, according to the Financial Post, the support for local, Canadian communities is one of the biggest reasons why some businesses in the country have been around for so long, even able to weather multiple financial downturns.

Supporting the local community may include using produce from local farmers, employing young people, and sponsoring teams and other local groups. This support goes a long way towards drawing in Canadian customers.

Having heard the series of big multi-nationals which have tried (and failed) to break Canada, you may be a bit put off on the idea of expanding. But you needn’t be and, if you consider the factors above, your expansion could turn out sweeter than a jar of fresh Canadian maple.