5 Activities to Try in Calgary During the Winter

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and welcomes millions of tourists, both during the summer and the winter. If you don’t mind the chilly weather and want to explore, there are tons of fun things to do in the city during this season. To have a trip of a lifetime, here are some fun activities to try in Calgary during the winter.

Photo by Darya Sannikova from Pexels.

Go Ice Skating

When winter arrives in Calgary, outdoor ice-skating rinks open! If you’re good on your feet and want a fun activity to do in the city, going ice skating is a no-brainer. There are an array of rinks dotted across the city, including Rutland Park Ice Rink and Olympic Oval. Once you get the hang of the sport, ice skating can boost your mood, improve balance, increase cardio health, and even help with weight management! 

Try Tubing

One necessity that must be included on your Calgary winter itinerary is tubing. This can be done at Acura Tube Park, which is situated at the Calgary Olympic Park. You may ask, what is tubing? Well, this activity involves you riding on top of an inner tube either on snow or water. As you can imagine, the high speeds can provide all kinds of adrenaline and excitement! There are multiple and single tubes to pick from and a variety of lanes that are sure to provide nonstop fun.

Visit the Calgary Zoo

Many of us are animal lovers. If you’re one of them, a trip to the Calgary Zoo is a must. You can factor in some exciting animal watching without having to head out of the city! Even though the zoo is open throughout the year, it’s best to head there in the winter. This is because most of the animals are more active when temperatures dip. One of the best attractions at the zoo is the penguin walk. This takes place each day that allows you to follow the king penguins throughout the park as they get their morning exercise.

Sample the Nightlife

While it’s great to be out and about during the winter months in Calgary, you may want to escape the chilly weather for a moment. When night falls, temperatures follow suit, so heading somewhere inside is a must. There is lots of nightlife to choose from. However, if it’s too cold to leave your hotel, you can play all sorts of games that can provide endless hours of entertainment. Read reviews of online casino real money sites to learn more.  

Go Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a very popular activity in Calgary during the winter. The city provides free designated skiing trails and the option to go off on your own! Unlike traditional skiing, cross-country skiing requires you to rely on your own locomotion to manoeuvre across snow-covered terrain, instead of using a ski lift.

However long you’re in Calgary, there are an abundance of fun activities to try out throughout the city during the winter months. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie and want to go skiing, or you prefer to stay warm and head to a restaurant, there’s something for everyone in Calgary.